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One of the beautiful truths about Belgian-style pommes frites is that you can dress them in just about anything — a classic ketchup, truffle mayo, perhaps a white-wine broth paired with a bowl of mussels — and the result will be delicious. But no one in Chicago is making pommes frites quite like Friistyle (5059 S. Prairie Ave., Bronzeville), an unassuming, fast-casual joint that opened in Bronzeville just over a month ago.  

Dedicated entirely to Belgian fries, Friistyle serves up piles of crisp potatoes covered with decadent options, like chicken wings, roast lamb, jerk salmon filets, and Italian beef. Each is seasoned with special sauces, all made in house, to pack in extra flavors — enough to keep things interesting without going overboard. The jerk salmon frites, for instance, are delicately glazed with a dill aioli and served with mango salsa to introduce a hint of sweetness; the smoked wing frites are coated with Friistyle’s signature dressing, boughetto, a twist on a mild BBQ sauce. - Chicago Magazine-  


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Reopening Soon in
a New Location

Reopening Soon in
a New Location